The Global Value Web connects companies across the globe for unique opportunities in products, services and talent. Our focus is on industry segments such as Energy and Health.

Global Value Web enables global value chains. In today’s globalized world, more than ever, companies need to standardize on the way they work together within their global value chain. For these companies Global Value Web provides pragmatic services and solutions.

GVW Services & Solutions across the value chain.



GVW offers value chain data services in
- Planning data
- Laboratory data
- Production data, incl. Material data
- Energy & Utility data
- Procurement data

GVW offers value chain solutions in
- Get the information with every angle, Proactis and GVW’s Energy Advisor
- Process the data (through our services)
- Share the data through PLM
- Analyze the data again through Every Angle, Proactis and GVW’s Energy Advisor

GVW primary target markets are oil & gas, chemical and life sciences
GVW’s area of expertise in laboratory data, planning data and energy & utility data.We are also very strong across the whole of getting, processing and analyzing the above.

GVW is member of PIDX, and shortly expecting to be associated with Allotrope, to extend our support to shape standards for value chain master data and data exchange.
We offers services to organizations to move from their proprietary standards to industry standards which will enable them for a global collaboration and besides assist Indian companies to connect to a large global value chains in the aforesaid industries.

GVW is also affiliated with ConnectOnce, A cross industry network where solution and services companies collaborates to achieve interoperability across global business networks, which is a true enabler for global value chains.

From there we move to more advanced value chain solutions such as PLM, VMI and demand/value balancing and optimization solutions and services. GVW is reseller of ARAS Innovator (Aras Innovator Bangalore). We have in depth value chain experience.


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