Global Value Web connects companies across the globe for unique opportunities in products, services and talent. Our focus is on industry segments such as Energy and Health.

Global Value Web enables global value chains. In today’s globalized world, more than ever, companies need to standardize on the way they work together within their global value chain. For these companies Global Value Web provides pragmatic services and solutions.

GVW Services & Solutions across the value chain.

Companies that we provide most value to, are the ones that need pragmatic improvement services across the value chain. Anywhere from plan, buy, make, quality & sell. Closely related to daily operations. Improvement is driven by quality of data!

Both master data set-up, cleansing & enrichment as well as process or transactional data support. We do catalogues, vendor masters, customer masters, product masters, material masters, bill of material, content management, document management, asset trees, PLM, CRM, SKU analysis, trend analysis, contracts, spend data.

On top of that, based on transactional data, we do various analytics incl. trend analysis, model selection (and creation) for preparing optimal use of you advanced optimization tools. We have experience in handling big data (millions of process events), as well as niche data e.g. “pharma/life sciences quality laboratory” master data (Specifications, tests, sample plans, studies and lab methods).

Next to data, we do global sourcing (LCCS) and procurement. GVW as sourcing agent for India to help you identify the hidden values.
Furthermore we leverage advanced collaborative cloud solutions through our ConnectONCE network. For example Achilles Group and Perfect Commerce are our strategic partners. These are cloud services in Supplier Risk & Qualification, and Sourcing & Procurement, incl. of Open Supplier Networks.

From there we move to more advanced value chain solutions such as PLM, VMI and demand/supply balancing and optimization solutions and services. We have in depth value chain experience.
We work with big pharma, chemical and oil&gas on global (integrated) value chain improvement projects and services. We help smaller companies to connect to these bigger global value chains.
We’re pretty good in the following industries: pharma, chemical & energy/oil&gas. (Discrete manufacturing for a few selected industries is within our comfort zone).